Corona, CA customers can depend on Accu Serve Plumbing for all their water slab leaks underground with accurate electronic leak detection and line location we perform. Many slab leaks are not detected by home owners around their yard or house. Corona homes have copper pipes for their water system both hot and cold water. Pinholes can form on both outside & inside copper pipe underground and go undetected. Performing electronic leak detection will detect all leaks in Corona areas where houses with slab leaks need plumbing repairs or house re-pipes.

Customers in Corona, CA will receive free electronic leak detection from Accu Serve Plumbing when our company performs all repairs needed to complete your plumbing underground leaks. Many water leaks under slab will require over head re routes to insure slab leaks do not return in your Corona home or business.

Slab leak repairs in Corona, CA are a major plumbing repair that should be performed by plumbing leak experts that specialize in leak detection in Corona.

Corona customers with water leaks under slab can depend on our plumbing experience to help with all your insurance claims and leak detection needs in Corona, Ca and surrounding areas.

AccuServe Plumbing specializes in non destructive methods when experiencing water

slab leaks under concrete slabs. We offer inside copper pipe epoxy coating allowing 

the entire copper pipe to be coated internally ensuring any existing pin holes are


Leak detection experts in Corona, CA

Slab leak experts underground water pipe repairs

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Slab Leak Detection Experts 

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Accu Serve Plumbing and Drain is your one stop slab leak specialist. The experts at Accu Serve Plumbing will locate your leak anywhere: ceilings, walls, or in floors. What is a slab leak you ask? A slab leak is water line underground that gets a hole or crack in it. Our slab leak detection will find any slab leak, guaranteed. How do you know if you have a slab leak? Listen for the sound of running water or look for cracks in walls and floors. You might also notice an increase in your water bill or you might experience wet floors. These are the common symptoms of a slab leak.

Cold water slab leaks are responsible for approximately 30% of slab leaks. These cold water slab leaks can be hard to find, but Accu Serve Plumbing and Drain can find any leak, any time! Hot water slab leaks are responsible for approximately 70% of slab leaks. When a hot water slab leak happens, the hot water will naturally elevate to the floor, which makes the leak easy to find. Basic physics also states that heat expands pipes, but this expansion can sometimes move a pipe around, which then is prone to wear and tear. At Accu Serve Plumbing and Drain, we will fix your hot water slab leak!


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